Highlighting Black Resources

Since today, June 10th, many universities libraries are focusing on how they can respond to anti-Black racism through “education, action, and healing,” we wanted to highlight two ways that the library is responding.

Image of research guide

The Fondren librarians have created a Black Lives Matter research guide that aims to provide information and resources about the movement for Black lives against white supremacy. It took a team to create both the front facing information as well as the behind the scenes investment in our e-book purchases to make this happen.

Librarians will also be meeting with Black student organizations on campus to improve what we offer and to ensure that we are addressing the needs of our students.

image of research guide

On the archival side, we created a research guide last year to assist the university’s Task Force on Slavery, Segregation, and Racial Injustice. We are also working with co-chairs Dr. Alex Byrd and Dr. Caleb McDaniel to scan more materials for the task force to aid in research and to make available for the larger community.

Quoted text taken from a University of Maryland Libraries tweet published on June 9th: https://twitter.com/UMDLibraries/status/1270521797314740224

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