Tech Thursday: College Bowl Buzzers

Earlier this week, Norie brought you the story of the 1982 Western Regionals College Bowl, where Rice took second place in the finals, so I thought you all might like to see some of the buzzer systems the team has practiced with.


Quik Pro

The Quik Pro seems to have a been a popular model for the team; there are three in the collection. There is also a QuizSystem and a Logitek Quiztron.





Horrible Strangle Monster

And, for completeness, here is the 1991 College Bowl National Championship trophy for 1st place.


College Bowl 1991 National Championship, First Place, Rice University
























2 thoughts on “Tech Thursday: College Bowl Buzzers

  1. Haha, Tag Borland and I (rice classmates, aka Logitek) made the “horrible tangle monster”. We initially made them on license from College Bowl, but then branded ourselves. We sold hundreds, maybe thousands, around the country both for college games and also high school competitions.
    Oh and fwiw, the cords did have pugs on them, so they could, in theory, be put away neatly. If you can belief it, this was actually before the invention of Bluetooth 🙂

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