College Coordinators


Today is Administrative Professionals Day. College coordinators or as they were known in the past college secretaries perform a variety of duties outside the scope of a typical administrative professional. They manage mail deliveries, associates, student rooming, the magister’s budget, events, and a variety of student issues. That is just a snapshot because they do so much more. In this vein, let’s look at college coordinators from the past.


Alice von Eiff, Brown College, 1977


Babs Willis, Will Rice College, 1985


Skyler Johnson, Nazish, Malik, Lisa Bryan, and Henry Zhang, Jones College, 2010

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KTRU Tuesdays: Albert Collins

From “Chicken Skin Music,” comes this interview with Albert Collins conducted on October 27, 1981. David John Scribner talks with Collins about his beginnings in Houston, how he got started in the music business, playing the electric guitar, musical collaborations, playing in Houston, and touring.

This was recorded backstage, so the audio in the background is another blues performer.

One side note for KTRU lovers, the audio from the Birthday Show has been banned in China, Holy See (Vatican City State), Italy, Malta, and San Marino. Congrats!

Image from: The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 75, No. 26, Ed. 1 Friday, April 15, 1988

KTRU Tuesdays: Black Sabbath

On August 23rd, 1975, Black Sabbath visited Houston and played at the Sam Houston Coliseum. This is Bruce Kessler’s interview with Tony Iommi, the band’s lead guitarist. For those who need a bit of a brush up on their Black Sabbath history, the band members in 1975 were Bill Ward, Tony Iommi, Ozzy Osbourne, and Geezer Butler, the original line-up.

Kessler talks to Iommi about themes on the early albums, their music’s popularity, the band’s hiatus, solo albums, touring, and fans.

Be aware that the audio quality of this interview is poor.

Image from: The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 63, No. 3, Ed. 1 Thursday, August 21, 1975


International Plant Appreciation Day


Glenda McNamee, 1994

Rice’s beautiful campus didn’t just happen. It has been molded over the years by a variety of staff. These are a couple who spent their careers caring for the campus grounds.


Tony Martino, 1949

Images from: and

KTRU Tuesdays: Homer Rice

On January 20, 1975, Rice Athletics held a press conference to announce the new Rice Owls Football coach and athletic director, Homer Rice. This is the audio from the press conference.

In the audio, Homer Rice speaks about his decision to work for Rice University and takes questions. He discusses the Total Person Program and his upcoming plans for the football program.

Coach Rice’s tenure did not last long. He left after two seasons.

We also just put up a new exhibit at the RMC documenting the history of Sammy the Owl in conjunction with Rice Athletics brand refresh event.

Image from: “Homer Rice,” Rice University Photograph Files, 1910-2015, UA 363, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

KTRU Tuesdays: KTRU’s Anniversary

Next week, KTRU will be celebrating their 50th anniversary on 4/16. In their honor, this is almost the entire of the 1976 birthday show. We couldn’t include the complete show because we wanted to avoid any copyright issues.

The weekly Thresher calendar from that week doesn’t include any programming information for KTRU. Perhaps, everyone was busy editing the birthday show broadcast, though some parts were lifted from the KTRU sign-on show from May 20, 1971.

Please enjoy!

Image from: The Rice Thresher, Monday, April 5, 1978