Bling Rings

Image is of four gold rings displayed in a clear suspension box. Rings are: 
2003 NCAA World Series Championship ring
1996 Champions Forever ring
1997 WAC (Western Athletic Conference) Champions NCAA College World Series ring
1994 Football Southwest Conference Champions - (Rice were co-champions)

The Woodson Research Center recently received 4 rings that belonged to former Rice President Dr. Malcolm Gillis honoring athletic achievements during his tenure:

1996 SWC Champions Forever ring
1997 WAC Champions NCAA College World Series ring
2003 NCAA World Series Championship ring
1994 SWC Football Champions ring – (Rice were co-champions)

Our thanks to Dr. Gillis’s widow, Elizabeth Gillis, for sending us these wonderful additions to our collections. Mrs. Gillis is also the inspiration for the most prestigious prize given to university staff each year, the Elizabeth Gillis Award for Exemplary Service . The award is presented to staff who demonstrate exemplary commitment and service to the university, just as Elizabeth Gillis did during her years of service to Rice.

Color photograph of Dr. Malcolm Gillis, president of Rice University, in the dugout area of Reckling Park baseball field, speaking with members of the Rice Owls baseball team. Gillis is wearing dark glasses, a white, short-sleeved shirt with black collar and a white and black baseball cap. and A trio of players are sitting on the edge of the dugout facing him, with other players and spectators standing in the background. The bleachers, filled with spectators, are visible in the distance.
“Dr. Malcolm Gillis with members of Rice University Baseball team.” (2003) Rice University:

The Rice Institute’s Other Location

The Scientia Institute recently hosted a “Betterment of the World” lecture given by Fay Yarbrough and Caleb McDaniel. They showed the connections between Houston’s Black Fourth Ward community and the early Board of Trustees, who attempted to force people to sell their land. It’s important historical work that was made possible by some of our materials.

If you’d like to learn more, the lecture is now available online.

Rice vs. University of Houston

Tomorrow we play our city rivals UH in the annual Bayou Bucket Classic. Let’s look back at our previous clashes.

Rice players holding the trophy
Winning the trophy in 1993
Rice player #44 running towards the defense while being protected by #42
Future NFL player Earl Cooper on the move against UH, 1979

If you feel like watching games of yore, here’s a highlight film featuring Arkansas, Baylor, and UH from 1987.

Your ears aren’t deceiving you. There is no sound.

RIP Gorby

Mikhail Gorbachev passed this week, which made me think of his visit to the Baker Institute. Yes, this is a re-use of a photograph from a past post, but it’s a good one.

Mikhail Gorbachev and Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian sitting at a table talking, 1997
Mikhail Gorbachev and Ambassador Edward P. Djerejian, 1997

We also have a “To the Point” radio program featuring Frances Loewenheim talking about Gorbachev from 1985.

Andy Warhol gem in the Doc C collection

Here’s a blog post from Fondren’s Lauren DuBois, Special Collections Librarian, and Jeanette Sewell, Database and Metadata Management Coordinator.

One of the best parts about the Gilbert Morris Cuthbertson Collection of Rare Books and Manuscripts is finding related items tucked in the pages of his books! We’ve found bookmarks, photographs, receipts, electric bills, letters, stamps, scraps of paper, and so much more.

Last week, we stumbled upon this catalog for Raid the Icebox I: a 1969-1970 exhibit featuring items selected by Andy Warhol from the storage vaults of the Museum of Art at Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). Warhol was invited to curate the exhibition by Dominique and Jean de Menil, founders of the Institute of the Arts and the Media Center at Rice. The exhibition opened here and then traveled to The Isaac Delgado Museum in New Orleans, finally ending in Providence at RISD.

Outside image of Warhol's tree with catalog and ephemera held up in front of it.
Raid the Icebox I catalog & ephemera in front of the Andy Warhol Tree on Rice Campus / photo by Jeanette Sewell

Between the pages of Doc’s copy of the catalog, we found:
1) Andy Warhol’s signature on the title page (!)
2) One Raid the Icebox I exhibit tag published by the Institute for the Arts at Rice
3) Two small postcards announcing the exhibition dates and hours here on campus
4) One large postcard inviting Doc C to attend the exhibit preview
5) One Winter 1969 newsletter addressed to Doc C, detailing the new art center and community response to the new Institute space and Raid the Icebox I exhibit at Rice

Postcards, newsletter, tag, and signature found within the exhibit catalog

Like all of our rare books in the collection, this catalog and accompanying items will be available for viewing only in the reading room at the Woodson Research Center. Just reach out to one of our archivists to schedule an appointment.

You can learn more about this special exhibit on the RISD website here and find a related essay about Warhol’s art at BEST Products’ Indeterminate Façade store here. Happy reading!

Additions to the Elinor Evans art education collection!

We are delighted that Danny Samuels, Professor in the Practice, Rice School of Architecture, brought more Elinor Evans art education materials for her archives this week. Here’s a sneak peek at the kinds of items he brought. These works were created by freshmen taught by Elinor Evans, the Harry K. and Albert K. Smith Professor of Architecture, 1964-1965, in the Rice School of Architecture. They were featured in an exhibition, and the original wall labels are included in these images.

“Stick and String. This stick and string problem is an exploration of possible ways of creating a continuous structuring process, using only limited designated elements. The variety of solutions is endless.”
“Burlap. Using burlap, this problem is about the altering of an existing simple structuring process to create a new structuring process.”
“Wire. This is a problem about forming: Using wire to invent a continuous structuring process.”

See the guide to the Elinor Evans papers, to which these will be added soon.

Swim a Lap Day

Ann Farmer (Mochler) swimming, 1958, photograph by Paul Dorsey

In honor of a very important holiday, here are some swimmers getting in their laps.

Swimmer, 1958, photograph by Paul Dorsey

If that seems to intense, there’s always the art of watching others swim laps.

Pool at the Gibbs Recreation Center, 2008, photograph by Tommy LaVergne

A Night for Guy

Verlon Thompson playing guitar
Verlon Thompson, longtime friend and accompanist to Guy Clark

Last Wednesday, we co-hosted an event with Shawn Parks and Matt Harlan that celebrates the life and musical legacy of Guy Clark. Enjoy these great shots from campus photographer Jeff Fitlow. You can read more about the event from a wonderful write-up by the Houston Press’s Gladys Fuentes.

Matt Harlan playing guitar and singing
Matt Harlan, co-planner and performer
George Ensle on stage
George Ensle – The Woodson has his archival collection.
Libby Koch playing guitar
Libby Koch
Verlon Thompson, surprise guest Shawn Camp, Noel McKay performing, playing guitars
Verlon Thompson, surprise guest Shawn Camp, Noel McKay

To see more images of the event, check out the Rice News post.

The Woodson staff will be participating in a regional conference this week and will be taking a reading room break next while working on collection management. Our reading room and reference services will resume on May 31st.


In honor of “That Sucks Day,” we hope your day hasn’t felt or been like this.

Rice Institute football game at Rice Stadium, tackle in process, stands in background

April 15th has hosted such bad events as the assassination of Lincoln and the sinking of the Titanic. Good luck getting through this one unscathed.

Raymond Brochstein

Raymond Brochstein, an architect, businessman, philanthropist, and Rice alum ’56 has passed away. He served on the Rice Board of Trustees from 1998 to 2002. His family’s monetary contribution built one of the centerpieces of campus, the Brochstein Pavilion, which opened on campus in 2008.

Raymond and Susan Brochstein Pavilion, Rice University

Over the years, Raymond and Susan Brochstein gave to the university and the archives in other ways. Brochsteins, Inc. constructed furniture used during the 1990 Economic Summit. This table designed by Wayne H. Bruan consisted of curly maple from a tree cut in Michigan in 1962 and cherry from Pennsylvania. Brochsteins had waited decades to use that curly maple veneer for the right project.

Image of Economic Summit participants sitting at a long table in Herring Hall.
Image of Brochsteins Inc employees gathered around the table.

We also have archival collections including the Brochsteins, Inc. corporate records, Raymond Brochstein papers, and materials appear in other architectural collections like the Lenard Gabert, Sr. architectural records.