Additions to the Elinor Evans art education collection!

We are delighted that Danny Samuels, Professor in the Practice, Rice School of Architecture, brought more Elinor Evans art education materials for her archives this week. Here’s a sneak peek at the kinds of items he brought. These works were created by freshmen taught by Elinor Evans, the Harry K. and Albert K. Smith Professor of Architecture, 1964-1965, in the Rice School of Architecture. They were featured in an exhibition, and the original wall labels are included in these images.

“Stick and String. This stick and string problem is an exploration of possible ways of creating a continuous structuring process, using only limited designated elements. The variety of solutions is endless.”
“Burlap. Using burlap, this problem is about the altering of an existing simple structuring process to create a new structuring process.”
“Wire. This is a problem about forming: Using wire to invent a continuous structuring process.”

See the guide to the Elinor Evans papers, to which these will be added soon.

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