International Beer Day

Plugging “beer” into the University Archives and Rice History section of our institutional repository does bear fruit.

People drinking beer . . .

Sid Richardson College Beer Bike, 1971, photographer: J. Venn Leeds

People pouring beer . . .

President Norman Hackerman drawing the first mug of beer at Willy’s Pub, 1975

And doing odd things at Beer Bike like this . . .

Rice Parachute Team incident during Beer Bike, 1972

And this . . .

Member of GSA Riding the Keg Bike at Beer Bike, 2003, photographer: Tommy LaVergne

Hope you can enjoy a beer if you are so inclined on this hot summer day.

Rice Media Center Films

Close up image of Genevieve Howell
Genevieve Howell in her room on campus.

In a Rice News article by Katharine Shilcutt, the Woodson and Fondren Library has been working in conjunction with the Rice Media Center to help them preserve their treasures. You can read more about it here.

As the article notes, Interim Director, Amanda Focke, has a few large hard drives in her office that contain a portion of the digitized content. We wanted to show off some of the stills from one of the films entitled Three Rice Engineers (1972). This 16mm documentary created by David Gerth features interviews with John Doerr, Genevieve Howell, and Tom Dydek.

Three students waiting in line to graduate
Pres. Norman Hackerman passing out diplomas
Pres. Norman Hackerman
John Doerr and Mike Donegan in electrical engineering lab
John Doerr and Mike Donegan
Unknown student and Genevieve Howell sitting on Howell's bed.
Unknown student and Genevieve Howell
Tom Dydek in his office

KTRU Tuesdays: Summer of 1982

For those new and returning to campus on August 22, 1982, David Tuttle reviewed the summer’s big events from Pres. Norman Hackerman’s summer injury to new buildings on campus. The audio also contains local and Texas news like the arrest of Coral Eugene Watts and a riot at Southern Methodist University.

Image from: The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 70, No. 1, Ed. 1 Wednesday, July 7, 1982

KTRU Tuesdays: Opening of Willy’s Pub

It’s seldom that we have both the audio and the visual for something in the KTRU recordings. Today, we do.

Next Monday, Willy’s Pub will have its 41st anniversary. This is a snippet from Scott Hochberg’s on the scene coverage of the official opening ceremony. It includes a couple of short speeches and the crowd cheering as Pres. Norman Hackerman draws the first glass of beer.

KTRU Tuesdays: Hackerman on Co-ed Colleges

Starting in 1970, the issue of co-ed colleges pops up in the KTRU tapes. In the news masters, notable Rice alums, like George Greanias, talk about the overall vibe in the colleges. On the whole, the students didn’t see what the big deal was.

For Pres. Norman Hackerman, co-ed conversion involved a variety of steps before moving forward with assigning women to the new co-ed colleges. In this snippet from the fall 1971 news master, he lays out how he will get buy-in from all of the affected stakeholders.

Photo from: Rice University News & Media Relations; Board, Administration and Faculty Photo and Research files, ca. 1930-2000, UA 187, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

Memorabilia Monday: Christmas Cards from the University President

Holiday cards are no longer printed by the President’s Office, since they are strictly digital. The Woodson has the Rice University Presidents’ Christmas and holiday cards collection, 1914-2008, which has cards from every president except Kenneth Pitzer. The interesting thing about the cards is how they represent the times and focus of each man.

Edgar Odell Lovett card

Edgar Odell Lovett’s card shows extreme restraint.

William Houston card

William V. Houston’s showcases a new building on campus.

Norman Hackerman card

Norman Hackerman’s focuses on the snow of 1973.

George Rupp card

George Rupp’s expandable card (my personal favorite) has a panoramic of Lovett Hall on the back.

Malcolm Gillis card

Malcolm Gillis’s card, like Hackerman’s, highlights Houston’s version of extreme winter weather, an icy day in 1998.

David Leebron card

David Leebron’s features John Outram’s “The Birth of Consciousness” which is located on the Steve and Sue Shaper Ceiling in Anne and Charles Duncan Hall.