Rice Media Center Films

Close up image of Genevieve Howell
Genevieve Howell in her room on campus.

In a Rice News article by Katharine Shilcutt, the Woodson and Fondren Library has been working in conjunction with the Rice Media Center to help them preserve their treasures. You can read more about it here.

As the article notes, Interim Director, Amanda Focke, has a few large hard drives in her office that contain a portion of the digitized content. We wanted to show off some of the stills from one of the films entitled Three Rice Engineers (1972). This 16mm documentary created by David Gerth features interviews with John Doerr, Genevieve Howell, and Tom Dydek.

Three students waiting in line to graduate
Pres. Norman Hackerman passing out diplomas
Pres. Norman Hackerman
John Doerr and Mike Donegan in electrical engineering lab
John Doerr and Mike Donegan
Unknown student and Genevieve Howell sitting on Howell's bed.
Unknown student and Genevieve Howell
Tom Dydek in his office

KTRU Tuesdays: Allen Center Disturbance

We’ve had requests to place some of our newly digitized KTRU recordings online. While some items can never go online, because the DJs used copy written music, we plan on posting snippets on Tuesdays.

The following audio is the official report sent out to the Houston media about the Allen Center incident that occurred on April 12-13 1970. John Doerr is the reporter and KTRU produced it early the next morning on the 14th. It contains statements from University Public Relations Officer Lee Estes and SA President Bob Parks.