KTRU Rice University radio poster for 19th annual Outdoor Show, 2010
KTRU Rice University radio poster for 19th annual Outdoor Show, 2010

Our student run radio station has successfully regained the call letters KTRU. For more in depth reporting on this, please see the Thresher’s article on the purchase.

Since KTRU still needs to do station IDs, we’d suggest they dig up some of their golden oldies from amazing people who once graced the studio with their presence, like Iggy Pop, Joan Jett, Joey Ramone, Frank Zappa, and Stevie Nicks just to name a few.

We’ve featured some of these IDs on the blog before, but here’s over 14 minutes of station ID bliss.

If you want even more Rice student media, we are currently placing all of The Campanile’s online. We’re currently at 66 in total, but more are going up every week. Each pdf has to pass a number of accessibility steps to be ready for all of our patrons, so it is taking us time.

If you want to take a trip down yearbook lane, feel free to peruse the 1971 edition.

KTRU Tuesdays: The Runaways

In February 1977 for “Backstage Interview,” Bruce Kessler interviewed Joan Jett and Sandy West of The Runaways. Jett and West discuss how the band formed, early gigs, their musical training, press coverage, gaining more female fans, and their punk persona.

One note, this audio file has some major sound issues. We have tried our best to decrease some unnecessary sounds (a hand rubbing on the microphone) and increase the sound of Sandy West’s voice. A big thank you to Scott Carlson for tweaking the recording.

Image courtesy of Bruce Kessler