Another Doc C Treasure

Dr. Gilbert M. Cuthbertson (“Doc C”) generously donated his life-long collection of rare books and manuscripts to the Woodson Research Center. Last week, we were delighted to stumble upon this copy of “The Poetical Works of Thomas Campbell” (1837) in his collection.

We are grateful for the above-pictured note someone conveniently tucked inside – otherwise, this hidden gem may have been overlooked! It was not easy to reveal the fore-edge painting, either … after several attempts, we were beginning to think the note was slipped into the wrong book.

Shout out to our rare books specialist, Rebecca, for successfully unveiling it the next day:

Fore-edge painting
“Windsor castle with coach and Windsor Greys”

If you’re curious about how these paintings are crafted, check out this YouTube video Traci found by Martin Frost. Enjoy!

Post written by Lauren DuBois our Doc C book specialist.

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