Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane

As has been mentioned in previous posts, Woodson staff are still shifting books. We’re almost done, but the shifting has highlighted a new treasure.

Cover of pamphlet. Features an illustration of Calamity Jane holding a rifle.
1st page of pamphlet

This rather odd pamphlet Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane by Herself caught my eye. According to an article by Richard W. Etulain for Montana the Magazine of Western History, after/while doing a speaking tour of sorts, she worked with a ghost writer to produce a 7-page pamphlet about her life. She probably sold the pamphlets to make money, along with photographs. Our pamphlet seems to come from around 1898 or a bit earlier. She or someone else added the name Dorsett, who was a partner of hers for a time. To learn more, I suggest reading the article or better yet Etulain has written a book about her.

Last page of text from pamphlet featuring additions

The pamphlet is in amazing shape. In our catalog record, it is dated as 1895. There are so few physical examples online that is is hard to verify the dating of our version.

2 thoughts on “Life and Adventures of Calamity Jane

  1. So this is “the suspect, undependable 1896 autobiography of
    Calamity” that Etulain mentions in the second paragraph of his linked article (from the Summer 2014 issue of Montana The Magazine of Western History)?

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