Book Shifting Treasures

Hope everyone in Houston is enjoying our first fall morning.

Over the past couple of years as we expand our rare book collection, we have gotten a bottleneck in our Houston Library of Congress section, as well as others. That has precipitated one of the book collections being relocated offsite to the Library Service Center and shifting all of the books to provide more space.

While book shifting scientific books in the QB and QC range, two treasures appeared that will now be moved to our History of Science collection.

The first is Guidobaldo del Monte‘s Le mechaniche dell’Illvstriss. Sig. Gvido Vbaldo de’ Marchesi del Monte, tradotte in volgare dal Sig. Filippo Pigafetta published in Italian in 1581 of which three copies are listed on WorldCat.

  • Vellum cover
  • Book spine
  • Page reads: "1st edition of this translation which was made from the work of 1576. It was used by Galileo.
  • Title page
  • Check out slip
  • Writing in Italian on the inside of the back cover

The book is still in its lovely vellum and at one time was available for check out.

If 1581 is not old enough for you, the second book is from 1551. Casper Peucer‘s Elementa doctrinae de circulis coelestibus et primo motu has an amazing carved cover, folded inserts (I’m too scared to move them.) and made a home to some long dead book worms. According to WorldCat, there are seven known copies.

  • Book cover with carvings including flowers and men's faces
  • Unidentifiable writing
  • Title page
  • Writing in another language. Unclear if this wasn't written later.
  • Book worm marks
  • Fold outs

One thought on “Book Shifting Treasures

  1. Wow!! Such treasures!! Thanks for sharing, will be fun reading up on the two authors.

    Happy Autumn to you as well! What a glorious day!

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