Iron Mountain to Library Service Center

Image of a Woodson box with a lot of stickers on it.
So many stickers

We rely upon the Library Service Center [LSC] to store the majority of our collections. A few years back it filled up. As we waited for a new module to be added to the building, we sent around 2000 boxes to Iron Mountain [IM]. Yesterday, the former IM boxes found their new home in the new module in the LSC.

Image of Woodson boxes on the new shelves in the LSC. Image taken by LSC staff.

Now, begins our multi-step process of moving all 2000 boxes from IM to the LSC. It involves:

  • permanently withdrawing the boxes from IM
  • checking the boxes and ripping off the IM barcodes — every time IM retrieves a box, they stick a new barcode on it.
  • scanning our Fondren Library barcodes
  • requesting Technical Services staff to switch the location of the box in the system
  • sending the boxes to the LSC
  • updating our finding aids and other internal tracking with the new location information

Given the amount boxes, this task will take us a few months, hopefully ending sometime in the fall. If you happen to come into the Woodson during this time, you’ll see that we have a lot of boxes. Please forgive our clutter.

We would like to thank all of the library staff at the LSC, in Technical Services, and in IT that are helping us with this big move.

3 thoughts on “Iron Mountain to Library Service Center

  1. Yes, it is by appointment. Woodson is open to the general public, but the library is only open to Rice faculty, staff, students, and Friends of Fondren Library members.

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