Lady Ottoline Morrell

While taking care of a reference request for images of Julian Huxley from the 1910s, I ran across a rather striking woman in a scrapbook from the Julian and Juliette Huxley papers, MS 512. But first let’s backtrack a bit. I had noticed a man with the name B. Russell. Because it was a Huxley scrapbook (any famous Brit could be in there), my brain jumped to Bertrand Russell, which was correct.

5 photographs pasted into a scrapbook
Top left to right: Julian Huxley, Aldous Huxley; bottom left to right: Bertrand Russell, Lady Ottoline Morrell (both pictures)

The woman in the picture next to him reminded me a bit of Virginia Woolf, but upon further comparison, was definitely not Woolf. I couldn’t read the writing (Huxley’s handwriting is horrible.) that identified the woman. There was though a loose photograph of her that had a more complete name written on the back. A Google search led me to Lady Ottoline Morrell, an aristocrat and patroness of artists and writers, including Aldous Huxley. She also had a long time affair with Bertrand Russell, so that’s why he might be at the same get together sitting on the same bench.

5 photographs pasted into a scrapbook with one loose one.
Top left and bottom left: Lady Morrell. Top right loose photograph is of Lady Morrell with a girl on a horse.

You should really check out Lady Morrell’s Wikipedia page. It is fascinating. I’m glad I got to know her today.

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