Wright Brothers Day

The Romance of Aeronautics book cover
The Romance of Aeronautics spine

In honor of the first plane in flight, let’s look at one of our rare books from the Benjamin Monroe Anderson Collection on the History of Aeronautics. 

The Romance of Aeronautics, published in 1912, by Charles Cyril Turner (1870-1952) is a children’s book recounting the history of flight, which was still an incredibly new technology.

The book contains a wealth of images including drawings and photographs of different contraptions. Excuse the odd angles for the photographs the book’s binding is quite tight.

Caption reads: Walker's Flying Machine. Illustration of man in birdish flying contraption.
Captions read: Pilcher's Glider, 'The Gull'; Lilienthal's Biplane Glider Soaring; Pilcher's Glider, 'The Hawk'. On this machine the Great Pioneer was killed on October 2nd, 1899." Three images of men in flying contraptions.
Captions read: "The Cody Biplane: Cody's romantic history and his struggles as an inventor are given on p. 159.; Ploughing the Air: A Hanriot monoplane flying over a farm at Weybridge." Two images of men flying contraptions.
"Flying Round the Eiffel Tower: A daring flight by the Comte de Lambert on a Wright biplane in the early days of aviation." One image.

During the 1923-1924 school year, the headmaster, A.S. Langton, gifted this book to W. Baker. The Kimberley British Evening School might now be the Kimberley School in Nottingham, although their website does not contain its history and the Wikipedia page lists that the school opened in 1946. As noted above, the book is in really good condition, so perhaps young Baker was not a fan of the topic.

Colorful book plate.

As always, here’s an interesting list of other books in The Romance series.

List of books

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