Hannah Holliday Stewart (1924-2010)

Installation of Atropos Key in Hermann Park, 1972

Hannah Holliday Stewart, American abstract sculptor and educator, was a prominent member of the art scene in Houston and Albuquerque. She was born on January 23, 1924 in Birmingham, AL, and received her Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Montevallo, AL. In graduate school she studied bronze casting, welding and woodcarving at the Cranbrook Academy of Art. Shortly after moving to Houston in 1970 she began teaching in the studio art department at St. Thomas.

Hannah Holliday Stewart working in her studio

A second wave feminist, her works often refer to goddesses and mythical and historical female heroes. She is best known in Houston for her sculpture Atropos Key in Hermann Park.

Stewart exhibited, both individually and with groups, at the Smithsonian Institution, San Francisco Museum of Art, High Museum of Art, Dallas Museum of Fine Arts, Birmingham Museum of Art, and numerous venues in Houston.  She died in Albuquerque, NM in 2010. You can find more about Stewart and her work on her web site, and in her papers in the Woodson Research Center.

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