Poet’s Club Books


The Poet’s Club established around 1908 published four volumes of poetry. One of the founding members’, T.E. Hulme, poetry in the volumes is an early version of Imagism.

The first volume appears to be an advanced copy of what would end up being their second book entitled The Second Book of the Poet’s Club, Christmas 1911. Our version is The Book of the Poet’s Club, Michaelmas 1911. Released a few months before it contains all of the same poetry, except the editors added four poems for the second book.


Note contained in our version of the first volume

This first book only seems to exist elsewhere in the Ezra Pound Papers at Yale University. Given that he was a member of the group, it makes sense that a working copy of the manuscript is there.

Another interesting aspect of these books is the amount of female writers. In the first, there are at least six easily identifiable woman, which include: Katherine Miller, Sibyl Amherst, Marion Cran, Dollie Radford, Lily Hodgkinson, Regina Miriam Bloch, and Florence Farr. Given the celebrity of actress, producer, director Farr, here is her entry.



We also have The Third Book of the Poet’s Club, Christmas 1913. Although Houston’s winter does not compare, a winter poem seems fitting for this time of year.




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