Architects in the Archives – Lenard Gabert, Sr. (1894-1976)

Lenard Gabert Sr. at the 1916 class picnic

One of our newest architectural collections is the Lenard Gabert, Sr. Architectural Records (Lenard is the handsome fellow sitting on the far left of the table in the picture above.) Gabert was part of the first class to matriculate at Rice, and one of the first students to earn a B.S. in Architecture at the Institute (in 1917.) During his long career he designed residential and commercial buildings of all kinds in Houston, including a dog pound, a zoo service center, warehouses, schools, clinics, and churches.

Gabert’s most famous buildings are his synagogues, including temples for Congregations Israel, Shearith Israel, Emanu El, Beth Yeshurun, and Adath Emeth and Beth Jacob (now part of United Orthodox Synagogues of Houston.) Here is one of my favorite drawings from the collection, an elegant rendering of the floor plan of Temple Emanu El:

Architectural drawing of Temple Emanu El, 1946

And a bonus picture from this morning: Happy Hanukkah!

Happy Chanukah!


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