KTRU Tuesdays: KTRU Now Online


The KTRU digitization project has taken around two years to complete.

This includes:

  • receiving the donated 2-track reel-to-reel player from KTRU and station manager Will Robedee
  • getting the unit repaired
  • learning how to play and digitize reels with the help of Bill Coxsey and Scott Carlson
  • digitizing over 1200 reels, DATs and cassette tapes. Perhaps, 250 reels and DATs were digitized by a vendor.
  • listening to it all
  • creating metadata for it
  • embedding the metadata into the WAVs and MP3s with the help of Scott Carlson
  • creating a spreadsheet of Dublin Core metadata so that the audio files could be ingested into our institutional repository with the help of Amanda Focke and guidance from Monica Rivero
  • our programmer Ying Jin running a batch ingest

Without further delay, the finished product is here, waiting for you to find it. You’ll notice on the right side, the files have been organized into subjects, including: interviews, news, musician interviews, speeches and lectures, and sports.

This will also be the last KTRU Tuesday post. We hope that you’ve enjoyed it. Now, you can make the discoveries and share them with your friends.

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