2 thoughts on “Memorabilia Monday: Kaleidoscope

  1. “Van Cort” is the mark of Van Cort Instruments, a Holyoke, Mass., company founded in 1979 by Erik Van Cort.

    From its website: “Van Cort Instruments worked for many years building new and repairing old telescopes and other science instruments. … With 125 people, we built telescopes, kaleidoscopes and odd and curious devises of brass, wood, ivory, silver and all sorts of optical components. Our customers included hundreds of museum stores, the Smithsonian in D.C., Colonial Williamsburg, Monticello, Mount Vernon and retail stores world wide.

    From Erik’s LinkedIn profile: “Gradually, the giftware industry went off shore and VCI sold it’s assetts and closed.”

    Since 2005, Van Cort has been proprietor of Van Cort Gallery. “Today our focus is on repairing and selling vintage instrument and specifically telescopes of past ages.”

    • Thank you for that. I had assumed it was a student, since we have many items that are engraved with student’s/alum’s names.

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