Memorabilia Monday: Archival Flotsam


When certain collections come in, we determine in the beginning what will be saved and what will be not. For example, we might shred forms revealing someone’s social security number. We also avoid saving those items that categorically do not fit in the collection, like this sad, one-eyed teddy bear.

Sometimes when these items are a bit quirky, they become archival relics in our offices. Dara Flinn held on to the bear. While the rest of us, all have something unique that we’ve saved.


Lee Pecht kept this trophy topper with a broken foot.


Amanda Focke is partial to her brass back scratcher with accompanying alligator from her personal collection. The alligator has popped up in a few exhibits.


Rebecca Russell has a random sign that is a bit foreboding.


Norie Guthrie has held on to a trophy topper of a police officer.

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