Memorabilia Monday: Owl Cage Model


In 1991, the last of the live owl mascots passed away. Four years later, the Director of Student Activities and alums attempted to bring live owls back to campus. Here are a few of images of the model they had commissioned from architect, Shane Cook.




Those little bits were part of the ramp’s railing.




To learn more about this plan. Here’s an article from the Thresher.


From 1999, the editorial below mentions that students are still paying into the live owl mascot blanket tax. The writer is calling for these funds to be reallocated for purchasing new Sammy the Owl mascot costumes when the need arises.


Sources: The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 82, No. 27, Ed. 1 Friday, April 28, 1995The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 87, No. 4, Ed. 1 Friday, September 24, 1999


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