College Coordinators


Today is Administrative Professionals Day. College coordinators or as they were known in the past college secretaries perform a variety of duties outside the scope of a typical administrative professional. They manage mail deliveries, associates, student rooming, the magister’s budget, events, and a variety of student issues. That is just a snapshot because they do so much more. In this vein, let’s look at college coordinators from the past.


Alice von Eiff, Brown College, 1977


Babs Willis, Will Rice College, 1985


Skyler Johnson, Nazish, Malik, Lisa Bryan, and Henry Zhang, Jones College, 2010

If you’re a student, make sure to say thanks!

Sources: “Student poses with college secretary, Rice University.” (1970) Rice University:; “Alice von Eiff, Brown College Secretary, Rice University.” (1977) Rice University:; 1985 Campanile; 2010 Campanile.


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