KTRU Tuesdays: 1971 Mayoral Election

It’s the last month before the elections. For the next month, KTRU Tuesdays will be reflecting on elections of yore.

This week we’ll look at KTRU’s coverage of the December 7th mayoral runoff  between incumbent Mayor Louie Welch and challenger Fred Hofheinz, as well as voting issues before and during election.

This audio comes from the fall 1971 News Master. There aren’t any introductions to these audio clips, so below is a list. If you recognize any of the voices, please let us know.

(00:01:) Mayor Louie Welch assessment; (00:24) Fred Hofheinz mayoral election prediction; (01:16) Mayoral election prediction; (02:15) Electioneering by precinct judge; (02:38) Fred Hofheinz – fresh look at city hall; (03:10) Election shuttle; (03:56) Students primarily not radicals; (04:33) Conservative voting turnout; (04:54) Complacency reducing voter turnout; (05:15) Mayor Louie Welch angers black community; (05:40) Fred Hofheinz on Mayor Louie Welch’s treatment of black neighborhoods; (06:20) Fred Hofheinz vote for change; (06:54) Problems of younger people voting at precincts.

Image above of Fred Hofheinz from The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 59, No. 8, Ed. 1 Thursday, October 28, 1971.

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