4 thoughts on “Generic KTRU Radio Shift

  1. I went through my LPs and sold a bunch. I saw several of the things from this playlist in my collection: Peter Hammill, Laurie Anderson, Jon and the Nightriders, T-Bone Burnett, Tuff Darts, Martha & the Muffins, Modern Lovers, Roches, Bruce Cockburn, …

    I left Rice in 1981, so the KTRU DJ effect lingers.

  2. I’m that DJ. We recorded that for the cutover from RMC basement to the new location; we needed a generic shift with no particular date/time references, so that we could run the station for 3 hours on a reel of tape. GMG is Mike Gladu. The little Xs mark where I announced the songs. It’s a little more middle of the road than usual, and possibly tending too close to the overplayed list.

    I’m not 100% sure, but we may also have played an entire XTC album for that move.

  3. There were previous versions of the generic shift-on-a-tape as well — they were re-recorded on occasion to keep up with newer music releases. Its more basic purpose was to fill in if a DJ didn’t show up for a shift, the previous DJ had to leave, and someone else was at the station who could officially monitor station operation (or not — shh, don’t tell the FCC). It was relatively rarely used — I think most DJs didn’t know it existed.

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