A Few Goodbyes

Thursday and Friday will bring the exit of some great staff members/volunteer. Let’s take a look at the projects that they worked on.


Emma Keith

An undergraduate from the University of Texas-Austin (We haven’t held that against her.), Emma has worked throughout the summer as a volunteer. She’s helped us with our early work using OHMS (Oral History Metadata Synchronizer) on our oral histories. She also completed some major scanning projects including upgrading the quality of our Lovett World Tour images and the Eisenlohr letters.

We wish her the best of luck at UT.


Claire Weddle

Starting in June, Claire has worked on a variety of small and large projects. She added links to our collections on Wikipedia and even wrote a new entry for Liberty Hall. Claire became a bit of an expert on the Houston venue after tirelessly editing oral histories from co-founders Ryan Trimble and Lynda Herrera.

Throughout the summer, she also made updates to a variety of collections including all of the college records, Graduate Student Association records, Center for Civic Leadership records, to name a few. Claire also tried her hand at digital forensics. She used the BitCurator computer to determine which of our nearly 100 CDs from the Campanile yearbook records needed to be preserved.

Claire is a Rice undergrad, so at least she’ll be on campus for a few more years.


Jeff Warner

Loyal readers, you might know Jeff from his Tech Thursday posts. If not, you should read them.

In October 2013, Jeff Warner came on staff. He’s been processing collections ever since. He’s worked on the F. Curtis Michel papers, Jesse H. Jones Corporate and Property records, James Pickney Miller papers. He has also created workflows for various tasks around the Woodson, from digital preservation to OHMS to reel-to-reel recording. In his last days at the Woodson, Jeff has worked on user testing for our ArchivesSpace instance.

Jeff has been such a great team member, always willing to do extra and solve problems. We will miss him dearly.

Next month, Jeff and his wife Stacey are moving to Athens, Ohio. We wish them all the best on their new Midwest adventure.

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