KTRU Tuesdays: 1982 College Bowl

This week’s audio clip features the Western Regionals College Bowl (academic not sport) match-up between Rice University and California State University, Fresno on March 20, 1982. Rice and Fresno State qualified for the finals with Rice coming in 2nd overall losing to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Scott Hochberg moderates the match. Representing the Rice team is Matt Kemple, Ronald Mann, Michael Lewis, and Susan Faust.

Image from: The Rice Thresher (Houston, Tex.), Vol. 69, No. 26, Ed. 1 Friday, March 26, 1982

6 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: 1982 College Bowl

  1. BTW, pretty sure the other voice (heard calling out the names of the players when they buzz in) is the inimitable Stan Barber.

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