KTRU Tuesdays: The Steam Tunnel Rally

On February 14, 1981, the second steam tunnel rally was held underneath the university. The bikers fought to be the Best Man for the Margaret Schuarte and Robert Puckette wedding.

Here’s a snippet of David Butler discussing the hardships of the course and the standings.

The finals standings were:

  1. Eric Sisson – 00:06:37
  2. David Chase proxy for T.W. Cook – 00:06:53
  3. John “Grungy” Gladu – 00:07:13
  4. Steve Sullivan proxy for Walter Underwood – 00:11:50
  5. Keith Robinson – 00:12:03
  6. Mark Linimon – 00:13:23

Sadly, the tape itself is not incredibly interesting as a race per se. Since each rider had to traverse the course individually, the tape has minimal commentary by David Butler, lots of dead air, and an interruption by a business man giving a luncheon speech. I have to assume that the tape’s creators would love to hear it, though.

Ultimately, we won’t be keeping this audio for the long term, but I would like to offer digital copies to those interested. I have edited out the dead air and the speech, so the original file that was around three hours long is now a brief 50 min. If you would love to hear it, please email me (slg4@rice.edu) and I will send you the wav file.

Image from: “Rice Institute tunnel construction, looking into Tunnel toward Power House from angle in Tunnel “D”.” (1911) Rice University: http://hdl.handle.net/1911/12990.

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