KTRU Tuesdays: David Butler’s Calendar

For four years, 1976-1980, David Butler contributed his services to KTRU, as well as the Thresher and Campanile. His most important KTRU contribution was the “Calendar.” At 7:00 pm, he ran down all of the events on and off campus, as well as provided weather forecasts and the daily food menu.

Only a small number of these calendar recordings have survived, i.e. were not recorded over. This is one of his final 7:00 pm broadcasts, which aired August 31, 1980.

Butler went on to work for the Houston Post as a Copy Editor and later was Assistant Managing Editor at Stars and Stripes. Sadly, Butler passed in 2000. After his death, the David L. Butler Memorial Fund was founded at Rice.

Image from the 1980 Campanile.

Source: http://www.angelfire.com/tx4/toastedposties/david.html


4 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: David Butler’s Calendar

  1. I didn’t occur to me that I’d ever hear David’s singular voice again. Sad, but a treat to hear him doing what he loved. I’ve never met anyone who loved journalism as much as David Butler. What a loss.

  2. Nice to hear him again. I spoke with him by phone the day before he died – were in the DC area on vacation but couldn’t make schedules mesh to meet. Have always regretted not trying a little harder to make it work but at least we had a nice visit by phone that day. A huge loss indeed.

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