KTRU Tuesdays: Lots o’ Station IDs

In 1979, KTRU staff decided to save items from old reels. While it’s unclear why they saved some items (Tim Curry’s song “Sloe Gin”), others that made the cut definitely deserved it. More specifically, they saved over 20 station IDs from a variety of artists from funk to punk, such as: Iggy Pop, George Clinton, Stevie Nicks, Frank Zappa, and Rick Nielsen.

There’s a strong possibility that Bruce Kessler might have recorded some of these station IDs after his “Backstage Interview” sessions. Sadly, the audio for some of those interviews did not survive.

Image from The Rice Thresher, Vol. 65, No. 13, Ed. 1, Thursday, November 3, 1977.


4 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: Lots o’ Station IDs

  1. Love that it closes with George Clinton!

    We grabbed an ID from anybody who came through, however we could get it. Most artists were glad to help out a college radio station because we played their music.

    I would have played that Zappa ID every hour.

    The intro is almost certainly by Mark Linimon.

    • I certainly remember the promos. “Goodbyeee …”

      These things had almost certainly have been transcribed more than once by then. The format that they were usually aired from were “carts” which were these endless-loop, short, 8-track like things, except radio quality instead of “your car stereo eats them on the 3rd play” quality. So sometimes you could get 20 plays out of them. Other carts had station IDs (some serious, some silly, some ridiculous). I’m sure a few must have had PSAs but mostly we read those off of note cards that were 2-hole-punched and mounted on an actual “log”. You would flip them over after reading, so as to cycle them through the day.

      My only guess would be that we were getting ready to throw out the carts or something.

  2. I do remember recording one promo, probably for baseball. Bill Whitmore (long time Sports Information Director) came to KTRU to record a 30 second spot. He did it in one take and it was 29 seconds long. I guess you learn that kind of skill after decades in radio.

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