KTRU Tuesdays: Opening of Willy’s Pub

It’s seldom that we have both the audio and the visual for something in the KTRU recordings. Today, we do.

Next Monday, Willy’s Pub will have its 41st anniversary. This is a snippet from Scott Hochberg’s on the scene coverage of the official opening ceremony. It includes a couple of short speeches and the crowd cheering as Pres. Norman Hackerman draws the first glass of beer.

6 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: Opening of Willy’s Pub

  1. The tape is running slightly fast, as Scott’s voice at the end doesn’t sound quite like him, voice is too high. (Or perhaps the recording was made at a slightly slow speed). Who is the speaker with the southern accent who does most of the talking? He may be the head of the Pub committee.

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