Wheatfield and St. Elmo’s Fire Collection


March 29, 1974


Armadillo World Headquarters in Austin, TX, August 5, 1978

For those of you that follow the blog, in January, Craig Calvert on behalf of Wheatfield brought us the first official collection for the Houston Folk Music Archive.


Cris “Ezra” Idlet, Bob Russell, Connie Mims, and Craig Calvert

The collection charts the history of the popular Houston band from its beginnings as a folk trio to a five member Americana band.


Craig Calvert

Highlights in the collection include video of their Austin City Limits performance and the audio and video for the rock ballet Caliban. The best part of the collection has to be the scrapbooks compiled by Rae Calvert, which document every aspect of the band down to ticket stubs, fliers, and messages scrawled on napkins.

Photographs of the band performing on KPRC, Houston

Photographs of the band performing on KPRC, Houston

The physical portion of the Wheatfield and St. Elmo’s Fire collection is now available for research. In the coming months, the digitized audio and video portions will be available for listening and watching in our reading room.


Damian Hevia, Keith Grimwood, Connie Mims, Ezra Idlet at Pecan Street Studio, Austin, TX, ca. April 1979

If you’d like to catch up with current and former members of Wheatfield, click on their names to learn more about their current projects: Craig Calvert, Keith Grimwood, Damian Hevia, Ezra Idlet, Connie Mims, and Bob Russell.

Wheatfield still records and performs. Their band website details their latest exploits.

All images are from the Wheatfield and St. Elmo’s Fire collection, 1970-2014, MS 645, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

2 thoughts on “Wheatfield and St. Elmo’s Fire Collection

  1. This is wonderful. I’m so glad this collection has a home. The band was a real favorite at KTRU.

    Is anybody saving the material for “47 Times Its Own Weight”? They were the best band that played Willy’s while I was there.

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