KTRU Tuesdays: 1980 Men’s Beer Bike Race


Lovett College Beer Bike push-off, 1980, photographer Mike Gladu

On April 12, 1980, KTRU aired live commentary of the Men’s Beer Bike race. Eric Sisson called the race, while David Tuttle provided running commentary including fun facts.

Although some of you might be interested in the complete recording, we’re breaking this up into two sections: the first ten minutes, which includes the beginning of the broadcast up to the first five minutes of the race, and the last minutes of the race.

Despite a strong showing, the Sid Rich team came in 2nd behind Will Rice.

For those not in the know, Sid Richardson will field a competitive men’s team on Saturday. This will be the first time that Sid has competed in the men’s and women’s bike races since 1993.

Images from https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/75904 and The Rice Thresher, April 18, 1980

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