Volunteer Spotlight: Alan Bath


Dr. Alan Bath has been a long-time volunteer for the Woodson since 1999. During his time, he processed a variety of collections including the Rice Hotel memorabilia collection, the Aaron Martin U.S. Civil War letters, and the Teas Nursery Company records, to name a few. He has even donated his rare book collection which focuses on military intelligence, espionage with related topics of terrorism, defectors, resistance (World War II), and cryptography.


Dr. Bath is in the center, Department of History, 1987, https://scholarship.rice.edu/handle/1911/76742

Dr. Bath came to Rice University in 1984 after retiring from the Navy. Working with Dr. Ira Gruber, he earned a PhD in 1996. His dissertation focused on naval intelligence and espionage. His archival research took him to the British Archives, National Archives Records Administration in D.C., and the Library of Congress. Published in 1998, his book, Tracking the Axis Enemy: The Triumph of Anglo-American Naval Intelligence, offers even more archival research from institutions in New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

When not hanging out with his greyhound and traveling with his wife, Dr. Bath serves as the official bartender at Rice Historical Society events.


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