50 Years of Black Undergraduate Life at Rice


Frederick Foston sitting on a bench, 1972. He earned a BA in Electrical Engineering and was part of the fifth graduating class of Black undergraduates at Rice.

Thursday 2/18, the Alumni Association and the Association of Rice University Black Alumni (ARUBA) are hosting the event: “Reflections of the Past, Promises for the Future.” Pres. David Leebron, Dr. Allen Matusow, and Dr. Melissa Kean will speak. There will also be an alumni panel discussing their experiences.

If you are unable to attend the talk, you can see the exhibit “50 Years of Black Students at Rice” in the gold case on the 1st floor of the Rice Memorial Center.

In next week’s edition of KTRU Tuesdays, we’ll also feature a collection of KTRU news coverage about Charles Freeman.

Image from: Brevoort, Frank (photographer). “Frederick Foston sitting on a bench, Rice University.” (1972) Rice University: http://hdl.handle.net/1911/81401.

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