Volunteer Spotlight: Dr. Mary Tobin


Leading up to Rice’s Centennial in October 2012, the Woodson was extremely busy creating exhibits around Houston and providing the university with the historical materials that showcased Rice’s history. Our director, Lee Pecht had a conversation with Mary Tobin in 2011 about all of the craziness. She immediately offered her services to the cause and has been at the Woodson on Monday and Wednesday morning ever since.

She has helped us process and describe a variety of collections ranging from the Rally Club records to the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee records. Through it all, she has worked extremely hard and used her expertise of the university to help flesh out the history.

English Department, 1987

English Department, 1987. Dr. Mary Tobin on the far right.

Mary Tobin first came to Rice in 1967 as a graduate student in English. She graduated with her PhD in 1973. She began teaching academic writing in the English Department in 1979 and retired in 2009. Her writing classes were a forerunner of the current First-Year Writing-Intensive Seminars.

Mary will soon start processing the Travelers in the Middle East archive, which has only been available digitally. Dr. Paula Sanders recently donated the physical items. Mary is excited about this new collection and will do an amazing job, as she does with everything.

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