KTRU Tuesdays: Wheatfield / St. Elmo’s Fire

In today’s audio clip, the members of St. Elmo’s Fire are promoting the second performance of their rock ballet Caliban by the Houston Ballet at Jones Hall.

Early on in the KTRU project, it became clear that the DJs loved Wheatfield aka St. Elmo’s Fire. At this point, we have six recordings of the band, which includes multi-reel concerts and interviews. This is the most for any performer in the collection.

Thus, we decided to contact Wheatfield about what we had. Craig Calvert quickly wrote back and wanted to donate his materials. Today, he graciously came in with a lot of great items, including several scrapbooks lovingly assembled by his mother, concert recordings, and posters.

Craig Calvert with just a small amount of Wheatfield's wonderful collection.

Craig Calvert with just a small amount of Wheatfield’s wonderful collection.

Throughout the KTRU digitization project, we’ve amassed a large amount of live folk and Americana music from the radio show, “Arbuckle Flat.” We’re planning on tracking down more of those musicians. If you have any connections to this wonderful 1970s scene in Houston, please let us know.

News clipping image above from The Rice Thresher, February 7, 1977

11 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: Wheatfield / St. Elmo’s Fire

  1. I would be happy to help track down some of the other bands and artists that were featured during this period. Please send me a list and I’ll see who and what I can find for you.

      • That was probably the only 45rpm single we released with The Lady Has No Heart and Rainbows Shatter on the flip side. I have one, but it’s in its own little special frame in my studio. I’ll consider donating it. I’d have to say goodbye to it first. 😉

      • Hey, Walter, that’s great! We only pressed 1500 copies of that, just so we could get airplay on the new KILT-FM, as they started a healthy competition with KLOL. KLOL played us a lot; we did several live on the air things with them, but when KILT came on the airwaves, they had strict airplay guidelines regarding local artists. That meant you had to have your music for sale in a record store. So, we pressed 1500 copies and put them at Cactus Records. We even outsold Paul McCartney & Wings for our first week in the retail record world!

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