Tech Thursday: Technical Reports of the Aeronautical Research Committee

Last year I posted about a little manual on gyroscopes from the Benjamin Monroe Anderson Collection on the History of Aeronautics. I thought I’d follow up on that with another example from that collection (more rare books!).

The Advisory Committee for Aeronautics was formed in 1909 to advice the British government on the development of aeronautical policy and research. In 1919, it was reconstituted as the Aeronautical Research Committee, and focused mostly on research and education. Part of the Anderson Collection comprises the Committee’s technical reports from 1918 to 1935.  They are an amazing resource on the development of aeronautics and aircraft during that time period, filled with studies on various designs and construction materials.





1921-1922, Vol 2


1921-1922, Vol 2


1921-1922, Vol 1


1935-1936, Vol. 1


1936-35, Vol. 1

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