KTRU Tuesdays: Hackerman on Co-ed Colleges

Starting in 1970, the issue of co-ed colleges pops up in the KTRU tapes. In the news masters, notable Rice alums, like George Greanias, talk about the overall vibe in the colleges. On the whole, the students didn’t see what the big deal was.

For Pres. Norman Hackerman, co-ed conversion involved a variety of steps before moving forward with assigning women to the new co-ed colleges. In this snippet from the fall 1971 news master, he lays out how he will get buy-in from all of the affected stakeholders.

Photo from: Rice University News & Media Relations; Board, Administration and Faculty Photo and Research files, ca. 1930-2000, UA 187, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

2 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: Hackerman on Co-ed Colleges

  1. Dang, I miss Hackerman. If you want a model of plain speaking for someone who is the chief officer of an organization, you should listen to Norman Hackerman. This was a contentious issue and he pulled out the top concerns for the important constituents and addressed them. Soon after, Rice had co-ed colleges.

    It isn’t shown here, but the man had a lab standard bullshit detector.

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