Tech Thursday: Paper from the Allan H. Stevenson Collection

stevensonAllan H. Stevenson was a Rice alumnus and an authority on handmade paper and watermarks. His wife donated his collection of books on the history of paper and watermarks to the Woodson in 1986. The history of paper is long. The practice of making paper from plant fiber pulp began in China about 2,2oo years ago and spread west via the silk road. Other paper-like media, such as papyrus and parchment, are generally included in the history of paper. Here are some examples of the kinds of books in the collection


You can find a complete list of the books in the collection here, but I wanted to showcase an especially interesting item.thumb_IMG_9926_1024

The box contains an assortment of various papers found around the world and a book describing their production. The whole collection was assembled by Takeo Co., a Japanese paper company.







Bai Lan


Chinese Paper


Handmade Papers of the World: A Publication Commemorating the 8th Anniversary of the foundation of Takeo Co., LTD, 1979. WRC-STEVEN TA1094 .H353 1979


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