Memorabilia Monday: Lovett Casino Cash

Casino money

Last week, our student workers, Camille Chenevert and Ian McCarthy, broke down our old exhibit on college parties, and put up a new one on the Rice Owls in Bowl Games throughout the years. It’s in the RMC. If you’re in the area, you should really check it out. They did an amazing job.

1000 Grannies

Now, on to the money, it decorated our college parties exhibit and dates from the early-mid 1980s. A couple of years ago, a member of the Rice Historical Society donated a box full of cash. Sadly, it wasn’t spendable, but it is fun. The best bill is the 1000 Grannies. Rice undegrads love puns.

Student playing the tables at Lovett College's Casino Party, 1987

Student playing the tables at Lovett College’s Casino Party, 1987

Edgar Odell Lovett College Records, 1967-2015, (UA 071), Box 24, Folder 1, Rice University Archives, Woodson Research Center, Fondren Library, Rice University

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