KTRU Tuesdays: Station IDs

The program masters are a great listen, but regrettably they are filled to the brim with copy written music. Despite this, there are some great station IDs from notable people. The following IDs come from a master from 1969/1970.

Houston’s own Lightnin’ Hopkins who performed at Rice a number of times.

George Roy Hill – It’s rather unclear how KTRU got him to do an ID. According to the Thresher, he never visited the campus. Perhaps, there was a phone interview.

6 thoughts on “KTRU Tuesdays: Station IDs

  1. The George Roy Hill ID does not sound like a phone interview. A bit too much high end for the 4kHz limit of phone lines.

    When I was there, we had a musical ID, with “91.7 Houston, Houston” and so on. A bit long, but nice.

    I can still put on my announcer voice for “KTRU, Houston”.

      • Noie, my name is Dan Guthrie. Are we related?!! I was the first program director, then co-manager and advisor to KTRU. I was Jim Gregory on the air. I am interested in the digitizing project that is underway for the tapes. Is it possible to make a donation specifically for this project? Also, in reviewing the log of items, I see some corrections I can help with if you would like. Finally we are celebrating our 50th anniversay later this month. Is it possible to get a copy of the early tapes to put together a special for the that group to enjoy? Thanks. Dan

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