Memorabilia Monday: Rice Institute Embosser

Rice Institute embosser

Used to emboss Rice-related business papers, this device got a lot of use. The black paint that covered most of it has been worn away. It also looks like there was a decorative design on the base below the handle.

Close-up of mechanism

The maker information is quite hard to decipher.

Where it was sold?

Where it was sold?

decorative design

faded decorative design

patent stamp

patent stamp

The best part is the patent notification on the underside.

the finished product

the finished product

4 thoughts on “Memorabilia Monday: Rice Institute Embosser

  1. It says “J. J. Kaufman, Houston, Tex.”, but that is probably the engraver for the seal itself. The embosser frame might be made by another company.

    Note that the name is on the back of the die, not on the frame.

  2. The technical name of this device is the corporate seal. Every corporation has one. It is used to validate all sorts of legal documents.

    Houston city directories in the late 19th century list:
    “Kaufmann, Joseph J., 4 ss engraver, stencil cutter and rubber stamp manuf’r ss Preston bet Main and Fannin, res ss Lamar bet Caroline and San Jacinto.”

    He is also listed in Texas State Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1890-91. Vol. 3, pt. 3. Detroit: R. K. Polk & Co., 1890, p. 115.

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