Crab Walk

Crab in The Butterfly

In our Woodring collection of Ricketts and Shannon books, there are both bound and unbound copies of The Butterfly: A Humorous and Artistic Magazine. In our holdings, we have no. 1-10 published from May 1893 to February 1894.

The magazine contains poetry, short stories, very short plays, and wonderful drawings. Our cute crab comes from the poem “Church Bells” by L. Godfrey-Turner with the crab illustration by E.W. The narrative poem is in the voice of a woman in bed who hears the church bells and ponders their meaning. Here are the best lines:

If Church and Religion were muffins and crumpets,

Or trains on the point of departure, or clowns

We’d probably welcome, with flourish of trumpets,

The noises our churches kick up in our towns.

While the humor of the poem I understand, I’m not to sure how the crab fits in.

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