Pets on Campus

Annise Parker and Kodiak, 1977

Annise Parker and Kodiak, 1977

Currently, pet ownership within the colleges is limited to Masters and RAs who generally own a couple of cats or dogs. Students used to share this same privilege until it was banned in 1977. It’s unclear when this started. If you know, please say so in the comments.

Below is the Food and Housing pet registration form.


There is even a list of all the students who had cats and dogs. As is clear in the top photograph, Mayor Parker preferred dogs and must have gotten hers right before the ban began. Dogs and cats owned before the ban took affect were grandfathered.



These forms come from the Lovett College records, which were donated by Sharon O’Leary, the Lovett College Coordinator.

3 thoughts on “Pets on Campus

  1. I had a dog on campus from 1975-1977. I believe they were banned the following year. The story I heard was that a student had a golden retriever on campus in a single, and the dog trashed the room. We also had a couple of instances of dog packs wandering campus (some of us let our animals out knowing they would come back). I believe animal control was called at least once because Richard Cutting and I had to go to the pound to retrieve our animals.

    • Thanks for the background.

      Actually, when I was doing the research for the post, I saw at least one article in the Thresher warning students about the dog catcher making surprise visits.

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