Memorabilia Monday: Houston Pamphlet

Nestled near the back of Milo Westel Ford, Jr.’s scrapbook is this interesting pamphlet. Since it is pasted in, it is missing a page, but the map portion is quite interesting. Based on Ford’s time at Rice, it should date around 1939/1940.

Front of pamphlet

Front of pamphlet

Inside facts page

Inside facts page

Map of Houston

Unusual map

About Milo W. Ford, Jr., he started at the Rice Institute in 1936 and graduated with a BA. After returning to his hometown of Dayton, TX, he eventually became President of the Dayton State Bank and retired in 1987. Ford passed away rather recently on October 24, 2014 at the age of 96.

Senior photo from the 1940 Campanile

Senior photo from the 1940 Campanile

His scrapbook consists of news clippings and a few pieces of ephemera. Unlike other alumni scrapbooks in our collection, Ford never collected news clippings about his Rice exploits, but collected lots of clippings about other people and events. Based on his scrapbook, he liked sports, namely football, and was a huge lover of art. During his time at Rice, he worked at the Museum of Fine Arts (MFAH). He saved his invitations to art showings and even a clipping about an art thief with whom he might have worked.


The Vindicator, October 21, 2014

Dayton News, September 28, 2014

3 thoughts on “Memorabilia Monday: Houston Pamphlet

  1. M.W. Ford, Jr. was my grandfather and it is with great interest that I read this post. He always spoke fondly of his time at Rice and living in Houston (where I live today) and you are correct that his loves, outside his faith, family and community, were art, playing the organ and all things Rice. I know the few sentences I offer here fall short of capturing all that was dear to him, but it is gratifying to know that the scrapbooks he created and donated to Rice are publicly available and of interest to others. Many thanks for sharing and I hope more of his donated materials will be highlighted on your blog.

    • I’m so glad that you found this post about him.

      At the Woodson, we really love our alumni scrapbooks and greatly appreciate each one that we receive. Those scrapbooks are a way for an alum and how s/he saw the world to live on.

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