Sticky Brown College Slides

Freshman Week - Goya Qualls, advisor, and Linda Tucker, associate

Freshman Week – Goya Qualls, advisor, and Linda Tucker, associate, 1981

A few months ago, the Brown College Coordinator, Nancy Henry, donated slides made by devoted Brown Associate Paul Pfeiffer. For years, he chronicled his time with the members of the college. He attended well-known events, Beer Bike, and little known ones, S.O.B.’s (Seniors of Brown). There’s even one of him in drag attending a Doe Party. Let’s just say that Dr. Pfeiffer did not make a pretty woman.

Dr. Paul Pfeiffer, Mathematics, 1965

Dr. Paul Pfeiffer, Computational and Applied Mathematics, 1965

While Pfeiffer organized all of his slides and grouped them in plastic bags according to date, he sadly did not use the right type of slide enclosures. The result is that the plastic degraded and has started to become a sticky mess. Because of the red hue that has bled from the “Kodachrome slide” print, it looks and feels like someone has poured Kool-Aid on everything.

slides in bag

 sticky slide enclosure

This does not mean that the slides are ruined or have even been damaged per se. Some of the sticky ones will be cleaned, and all of them will be rehoused in proper slide preservers. By doing this, we can ensure that everyone can see how the women of Brown College spent their time.

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