Memorabilia Monday: 1924 Commencement

1924 graduating class

1924 graduating class

This week is notable for Rice’s Seniors, because they have a week to hang out and get to graduate. In that spirit, let’s look at how 1924’s Senior class celebrated their last few days.

First, there was a Senior American Breakfast that occurred on the top of the Rice Hotel Roof on Saturday, June 7th. Demi french fried potatoes sound somewhat fancy, but probably weren’t.

Senior American Breakfast cover

Breakfast menu, 1924

Second, there was the two part commencement with a Baccalaureate Sermon on Sunday the 8th and the Commencement Address on Monday the 9th.

Commencement program

Commencement program. Click on the image to see the complete program.

Finally, the seniors attended The Final Ball on Monday night at 10:00 PM. They must have been exhausted.

The Final Ball dance card

The Final Ball dance card. Click on the image to see complete program/card.

2 thoughts on “Memorabilia Monday: 1924 Commencement

    • I hope so, too. We actually have a lot of empty dance cards. It always makes me a bit sad.

      That owl dance card is one of my favorites. We also have a slide rule from an engineers’ event, which is so clever and filled out.

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