Hot Air War Balloons

front cover

front cover

Gaston Tissandier‘s Souvenir et Récits d’un Aérostier Militaire de l’Armée de la Loire [Bullets and Balloons: Escape from the Siege of Paris] (1891) is about his escape from Paris when the Prussian forces besieged the city during the Franco-Prussian war. Tissandier didn’t leave via horseback instead he flew away in a hot air balloon. That’s pretty cool.



The book itself is quite beautiful with its detailed cover, spine, and great illustrations. Sadly, while most of the pages are cut properly, some of the uncut pages were ripped.



This book comes from our extensive Benjamin Monroe Anderson Collection on the History of Aeronautics. We also have a manuscript collection, which contains model airplanes, posters, scrapbooks, and art.

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