Tech Thursday: The 1970 Campanile Record

1970 Campaniles on display during Homecoming

1970 Campaniles on display during Homecoming

The creators of the 1970 Campanile looked beyond the typical yearbook layout and instead tried to capture Rice from a different perspective. Items in the box include posters, essays of senior experiences, cartoons, poems, and a record. While most of the items in the box represent Rice visually, the record transmits the sounds of the campus. For those who have not heard it, sides A and B consist of pop music samples with news segments from KTRU and national news.

DMC station

DMC work station

Using the Digital Media Commons‘ (DMC) equipment, I recently digitized the record. I used their Audio-Technica record player and Audacity software. After placing the record on the player, all I had to do was adjust the sound levels, and then press record. It was that easy. The DMC is open to the public and has helpful staff, so feel free to digitize that old record of yours.

Now, let’s move on to the results. Here is a section from side A*.

Here is Walter Cronkite‘s sign off at the end of side B.

If you are not lucky enough to own a 1970 Campanile record and a record player, you can come to the Woodson to listen to the two tracks in their entirety.

*If you feel that this snippet violates your copyright, please let us know and we will happily take it down.

4 thoughts on “Tech Thursday: The 1970 Campanile Record

  1. I lost my record (although we do still have a record player) so I’m very happy to know that these priceless sounds are available somewhere. Thanks for sharing these snippets.

  2. I picked up several parts of the Yearbox when we were cleaning the remainders out of the Campanile office.

    I was giving the record a casual listen, and part of the sound collage was KTRU announcing the results of the draft lottery. “If you were born on April 24th, your number is two.” That is my birthday. It still creeps me out.

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