Comic Almanack for 1836

The Comic Almanack fro 1836, cover

The Comic Almanack for 1836, cover

We don’t have any pranks for you today, but we do have some Cruikshank. Because of the devoted Dr. Robert Patten, we have an extensive George Cruikshank book collection and large research collection.

George Cruikshank  (1792-1878) began his career as a political satirist but moved on to become a book illustrator. In his lifetime he created nearly 10,000 prints, illustrations, and plates. His early drawings often featured attacks on Britain’s royal family. In the 1820s his preoccupation with political caricature waned, however, as he became more interested in theatrical caricatures and book illustrations. Cruikshank produced some of his best-known work for Charles Dickens, beginning with Sketches by Boz, (1836) and reaching an apex with Oliver Twist (1838).

Here is Cruikshank’s entry for April from The Comic Almanack for 1836 with Twelve Illustrations of the Months. The “Season’s Signs” section is amusing.

April in Greenwich Park

April in Greenwich Park

page 11

page 11

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