How to Beer Bike: Have a Good Judge

That judge looks like he's also having a great time.

2nd women’s Beer Bike race in 1972. — Brown College Scrapbook 1972/1973

Every team wants a judge that knows the rules and is fair. It doesn’t hurt if s/he is having a good time, too.

The clip above is from the 1981 Beer Bike video that we have in our collection, but it has also been digitized by Will Rice College. It features former Hanszen Master Dr. Dennis Huston attempting to justify a call he made that resulted in a penalty against Will Rice. Hanszen ended up winning that year’s women’s race, so it seems like Dr. Huston’s call might have been upheld.

That great Beer Bike video was produced by Gary Alford, James Burton, Scott Caddes, Vasu Duvvury, Anna Goslicka, Kevin Henderson, James Mischka, John O’Brian, Chris Peddie, Pat Rohrer, Laura Rohwer, Carl Thomas, Brad Walker, and Charles Wampold.

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